Another normal day

Another routine 3D Thursday filled with perfectly normal-acting, average-behaving people. There are no beer bottles around the minors, nobody’s hammering a screwdriver into a cell phone, burning random things with a laser, wearing an odd mask or flashing made-up gang signs to ruin the photo and everyone wore a shirt! Good job everyone.

Introduction to Bitcoin

Thanks to Richard Weston for a great introduction to Bitcoin, current state of affairs, tax issues, other cryptocurrencies and blockchain applications! Discussions went on informally ’till midnight. We had a packed room early on; sorry to the one dude who ended up standing in the doorway!

(appropriately enough we took no photos of the attendees)

Lockpicking Saturday

Join us and TOOOL-DC for a free lockpicking class Saturday September 9th, 1-3pm at HacDC. Locks and picks will be provided for hours of hands-on practice. Pick sets will be available for purchase for $25 or less.

Metasploit workshop!

Metasploit workshop at HacDC courtesy of Beltway Hackers. All your base… well, a virtual base on an airgapped practice network…nevermind. Thanks everyone!