Ugh Fine Revamp Time

Hi guy’s it’s probably me Enrique posting again with one of my famously well worded and insightful monthly updates.

Well today I will keep it brief and announce the start of an epic journey this website will undertake as it get’s revamped and redesigned by one of our most self-proclaimingly accomplished members, Nicolas Sabharwal.

Now instead of boring current members with explaining the decision making process behind this decision I will quote from Tommy’s closing remarks, “Fine here.”

3D Thursday and Spaceblimp at HacDC

Another hopping 3D Thursday and still nobody else posts stuff on the website. Also Project Spaceblimp is doing payload integration at HacDC tomorrow night for our Saturday April 14th launch. Look forward to another awesome Spaceblimp video once the team rests a bit and actually edits something semi-decent.

Nobody else posts news to the website

Ok so nobody else is updating the website here but Microcontroller Mondays Open House and 3D Thursdays Open House are both very active so come on by. Standby for news from Project Spaceblimp later this month. Our Annual Meeting and Election is coming up (date TBD) and plans for our Ten Year Anniversary party in late March are beginning now. Would you like to see 5-minute Lightning Talks? Do you have one to contribute? Let us know on Blabber, our public forum.

Our next regular meeting is Tuesday February 13th at 7:30pm (second Tuesday of every month). As usual we’ll have updates from Projects OTR, Spaceblimp, CRISPR, HAM Radio, etc.

3D Thursday, February 8th: