Introduction to Bitcoin

Thanks to Richard Weston for a great introduction to Bitcoin, current state of affairs, tax issues, other cryptocurrencies and blockchain applications! Discussions went on informally ’till midnight. We had a packed room early on; sorry to the one dude who ended up standing in the doorway!

(appropriately enough we took no photos of the attendees)

Lockpicking Saturday

Join us and TOOOL-DC for a free lockpicking class Saturday September 9th, 1-3pm at HacDC. Locks and picks will be provided for hours of hands-on practice. Pick sets will be available for purchase for $25 or less.

Metasploit workshop!

Metasploit workshop at HacDC courtesy of Beltway Hackers. All your base… well, a virtual base on an airgapped practice network…nevermind. Thanks everyone!

Full house for Dr. Tom Rondeau’s talk on Software Defined Radio, the GNU Radio software project and the upcoming DARPA Bay Area Hackfest.

Join the HacDC Amateur Radio Club every other Wednesday at HacDC.