Scheming, Dreaming, and Programming with SICP

Schemers is a study group for those interested in exploring Structure and Interpretations of Computer Programming (SICP), an introductory Computer Science textbook used by MIT. Not only is the entire textbook available online for free, but it has some rather zealous fanboys and fangirls.

From Stack Overflow:

SICP, however, is in a different league. It is a book that will enlighten you. It will evoke in you a passion for writing beautiful programs. Moreover, it will teach you to recognize and appreciate that very beauty. It will leave you with a state of awe and an unquenchable thirst to learn more. Other books may make you a better programmer; this book will make you a programmer.

Our study group will be going through the book and meeting every other Tuesday at 7:30pm starting next week Tuesday, May 22. For the first meeting, we will be setting up testing environments and discussing Section 1.1. You should read the section and take a stab at the exercises before the meeting. Check out the Meetup event for more details and to sign up!