Noisemaker Workshop: Round N+1!

Tonight: Diodes and Ring Modulators.

I’ve gotten in a bunch of XOR chips, and that lets us do ring modulation — the key to getting that tuning-in-the-shortwave-radio sound. (And more!) It’s lots of cheap, easy fun.

Once we get a handle on the XOR, we’ll make variable-width pulses. This gets us a cheap phasing sound and will let us sync a bunch of oscillators to each other.

But do we dare combine multiple sync’ed oscillators with XORing?!?! Oh yes.

Bring in breadboards (preferably with your 74HC14 and other chips). We’ll be making a bunch of quick and dirty circuits and there’s too much room for experimentation to be soldering this stuff up. As usual, I’ll have parts if you need them, but today you can also re-use any of the stuff you haven’t soldered down.