Spaceblimp 4!

Spaceblimp-4 made it up to 103k feet and
back down in one piece!

See for details. (Spoiler: it was cool!)
Join us on the spaceblimp mailing list if you’re interested (
As we work through the photos and data, expect to see more fun stuff emerge.

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Jimmie Rodgers stopped in to Microcontroller Monday

Jimmie Rodgers ( came by the space on Monday and gave us a demo of some of his cool Arduino projects, his kit business, and just generally hung out.

For those of you who don’t know, Jimmie is the man behind the Open Heart charlieplexed LED hearts and the LOL shield, which are pretty cool Arduino shields that he’s been selling through the Maker Shed. Either of these kits would make a neat learning-Arduino platform, IMO, and give you a fun finished project in the end.

It was great having him in the space! Thanks Jimmie!

3D Printing Madness!

Self-printed extruder head on cupcake In case you haven’t been around the space in the last few weeks, you may have missed the 3-D printing work that’s been going on. Both machines are now running with (improved) extruder designs that they’ve printed out themselves. Que recursivo!

Elliot, Xaq, Will, TC, Eric, Tommy, and (ages ago now) Redbeard have been playing around on the Cupcake and the RepRap. We’ve been making fun toys as well as making progress on getting the machines more reliable and robust.

If you’re interested in helping out, get in touch. Also, have a look at the wiki pages: or or have a gander at for inspiration.

Workshops will follow, probably in January: proposed topics include 3D modelling, converting a model to a printable object, and the nitty-gritty of operating the machines.

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