HacDC RepRap Build-a-Thon was Great Fun!

Bryce Contemplates Adams Darwin RepRap

“Wow!”  “Amazing!”  “I want to be involved!”  Just some of the comments that I heard during the HacDC RepRap Build-a-Thon yesterday and today.  Thanks to the participation of a range of very talented local (and not-so local!) folks, the event was a tremendous success.  In particular, thanks to the speakers, Zack “Hoeken” Smith and Adrian Bowyer (virtually, from the UK) as well as the breakout session leaders Adam Koepel and Brian Dolge.  Obviously, huge thanks to Nick Farr for organizing the space and activities, as well as to the many HacDC’ers who stayed up into the wee hours working on a Darwin RepRap machine!  Keep an eye out for more details on this blog and on the HacDC wiki here.  Carl Leonard was also very busy with his video cameras, so I am sure we can expect to see more more about this event on his amazing video blog, Robotcast.

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