CNC Mill training

tj-and-sharad_with-millRecently, HacDC member, TJ Johnson, generously reconditioned and bought new bits and a shiny vise for the TAIG CNC Mill HacDC has on extended loan from Vince Rossi & Adam Metallo of the Smithsonian Institution 3D Digitization laboratory. Over the coming weeks, TJ will be teaching a handful of single-session classes on using the mill.

tj-at-mill_and-cube-projectOn 1/26/13 a few of us crowded around TJ as he went through a presentation of slide-based and hands-on instruction covering care & maintenance, jargon, safety, and milling. The fun part of the class consisted of learning to use the software to fabricate a cube-shaped aluminum object with a complicated milled out shape within.

The classes of 2 or 3 students are designed to provide 1-on-1 instruction while maintaining safety. All remaining sessions are filled but TJ will schedule more sessions soon. Because of the small class size, these will likely not be announced via our MeetUp group so if you’re interested, join our discussion email list to find out when they’ll be held next.

Hacking the Gender Gap

What: a workshop exploring the gender gap in tech, science and math
When: 2 p.m. on Saturday, September 22, 2012
Where: HacDC (location info)

UntitledIn 2005, 22% of computer science graduates were women. This is down from 37% in 1985. Have you ever wondered why more women aren’t working in fields of math, science and technology (or going to hackerspaces?) Join The Hacktory to learn more about the research on this problem and hear from others about personal experiences. We have a hands-on activity that will show how this problem persists, and identifies practical solutions each of us can use to combat it.

This event is free and open to participants of all identities, gender- and otherwise. To help us know how many participants to expect, we ask you to RSVP at the meetup event page.


Noisemaker Workshop: Round N+1!

Tonight: Diodes and Ring Modulators.

I’ve gotten in a bunch of XOR chips, and that lets us do ring modulation — the key to getting that tuning-in-the-shortwave-radio sound. (And more!) It’s lots of cheap, easy fun.

Once we get a handle on the XOR, we’ll make variable-width pulses. This gets us a cheap phasing sound and will let us sync a bunch of oscillators to each other.

But do we dare combine multiple sync’ed oscillators with XORing?!?! Oh yes.

Bring in breadboards (preferably with your 74HC14 and other chips). We’ll be making a bunch of quick and dirty circuits and there’s too much room for experimentation to be soldering this stuff up. As usual, I’ll have parts if you need them, but today you can also re-use any of the stuff you haven’t soldered down.

Thursday Noisemaker Workshop Round 4: Sequencers

An 8-step bleepy-bloopy sequencer? On a shoestring budget? Impossible! (Or is it?)

This project is a fair step up in complexity, so we’ll assemble and test on breadboards first. I’ll try to pick some up at Radio Shark, but please bring your own if you’ve got ’em. Also, feel free to bring in your old noisemakers; we can splice the sequencer circuit right in.

And if you’re just coming to a workshop for the first time, this is paradoxically a good time to jump in. You’ll be behind on some of the “theory” but we’ll catch you up quick.

See you all at our regular time — 7:30 at the HacDC space!