HacDC CryptoParty

We’ve all seen headlines like “FBI denies link to leak of 12 million
Apple codes,” but not all of us know what they mean, how they affect
our daily lives, or how not to be the victim of such attacks. The
CryptoParty movement has been created to help educate and inform our
communities on practicing security in our daily lives.

“[CryptoParties are] a set of global get-togethers where more
experienced users can teach beginners how to use the commonly
available tools that tap into the incredibly powerful technology of
cryptography,” says Parker Higgins of the EFF. But not only do they
give people exposure to the tools needed to keep themselves safe, they
also introduce people to communities of security-minded individuals
allowing people to further their education in security and privacy in
a fun party environment.

On October 14th, HacDC will be holding its first CryptoParty. The
party will have many talks and workshops on different modern day
security and privacy applications and utilities and how to incorporate
them into our routine. Tor, OpenPGP, SSL, Crypto.cat, Truecrypt and
LUKS will be covered in depth as well as many, many other talks and
workshops. Pizza will be provided, and drinks will be had (BYO). Like
all HacDC events, our CryptoParty will be free and open to the public.
Bring a laptop, a mobile smartphone, and yourself. Install all
applicable updates before you come to the party. Do not bring
removable media (thumbdrives, external hard drives, etc), by
definition it can’t be trusted.

For more details on event specifics check out the meetup event for our cryptoparty: https://www.meetup.com/hac-dc/events/84193712/

Photo credit: Attribution 3.0 Unported https://cryptoparty.org/wiki/Promotional_Material

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