Byzantium Sprint August 2012

We’re having a sprint this weekend (Friday evening and Saturday) to help get our new developers and helpers of all sorts up to date. If you want to jump in on the project this weekend will be a supremely good time to do so (though there isn’t a bad time). Those who aren’t able to show up in person can participate over Mumble and we will be streaming over ustream during the sprint as well. We are looking at easy, free, and low bandwidth screen-sharing options other than google+ hangout since that can be bandwidth intensive with a lot of people using it and we likely don’t have the best pipes for that.

Friday 2012/08/24:

Starts:  7:30pm

Ends: ???

Saturday 2012/08/25:

Starts: noonish

Ends: 9:30pm

Mumble server: port 64738