FIRST Movie Night Friday: History Hacker at 8:30 PM!

History Hacker

When: Friday, 12 December 2008 @ 8:30 PM
Where: HacDC (St. Stephen & The Incarnation Church) In the Sanctuary! (Enter on Newton)
Cost: FREE

What better way to kick off our Movie Nights Fridays than with Bre Pettis and his awesome History Hacker show about Nikola Tesla?

Bre’s a founding member of NYC Resistor, a driving force behind the Thingiverse and an incredibly talented Internet and TV video producer. 

If you missed History Hacker, this might be your last opportunity to see it with a big group of friends! We’re really bummed it didn’t get picked up as a show, but we know this just the beginning of Bre’s awesome celebrity future.

We’ll be watching History Hacker in the sanctuary of St. Stephen’s. Plenty of cushions and comfy seating will be provided, but you’re more than welcome to bring your own comfy chair and whatever refreshments you like!  We’ll be watching whatever you want to after that, so bring your favorite movies and clips to share! (It is rumored that Kiki and Bubu will be making an encore appearance as well.)

From the History Channel’s series description:

This isn’t a show about studying the past-it’s about experiencing it. Host Bre Pettis will set out to take apart, rebuild, reconstruct and understand the most extraordinary inventions of all time.

Bre described the pilot episode as follows:

The pilot is all about Nikola Tesla and the war of the currents between Tesla and Edison. In the show I learn how to blow a neon tube, explore wireless electricity and build an AC generator from a bike. I also go to Boston to visit an MIT space lab to see how the principles that Tesla pioneered are being applied to space propulsion.

For more information about the show check out Bre Pettis’ blog posts on the subject.

Also highly recommended is Bre’s website. In addition to his fascinating blog posts you’ll find links to a treasure trove awesome videos, including his latest video podcast called Things.

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