Multi-Touch Display Interface

The latest rage in computer user interfaces is known as ‘multi-touch’. Multi-touch is essentially a touch screen and software that recognizes multiple simultaneous touch points. Multi-touch provides a radical interface and opens up a new ecosystem of computing applications that do not rely on a separate mouse or keyboard.

Probably the easiest method for building a multi-touch interface is to take advantage of a property known as Frustrated Total Internal Reflection (FTIR).  FTIR requires a short and simply parts list and scales to very large touch screens.

The end goal will be to build the multi-touch display interface so that it can become a user interface for future HacDC projects as well as provide a collaboration interface for real-time multi-user-multi-touch applications, created by and for HacDC and its friends.

All HacDC members are invited to become a part of this project; we need your help!  

If you’re not a member then sign up , be a part of HacDC and improve the world by creatively rethinking technology!


Project Information 


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