How do I become a member?

The short answer is, come to our events!

The long answer:

HacDC Membership

Here at HacDC, we creatively rethink technology and we want to build a community of talented and smart engineers, artisans, tinkers, and programmers. Our community is dedicated to

  • Building and maintaining spaces suitable for technical and social collaboration.
  • Collaboration on all forms of technology, culture and craft in new and interesting ways.
  • Applying the results of our work to specific cultural, charitable and scientific causes.
  • Freely sharing our research and discoveries, using what is learned to teach others.
  • Increasing our community by recruiting and developing talented people dedicated to these purposes.

We are looking for smart and talented people dedicated to these purposes and invite them to become part of HacDC.


The greatest benefit is meeting and collaborating with smart, witty, and friendly HacDC members, just like yourself. In addition, you’ll also receive:

  1. Key access to the HacDC Space
  2. On-site use of HacDC’s unique tools and equipment
  3. Reservation of the HacDC space and church auditorium for your HacDC-related events and classes
  4. Voting rights at official organizational meetings and an active say in the affairs and management of HacDC as an organization.
  5. Access to the HacDC members-only mailing list
  6. Access to our Software/Multimedia Projects Server
  7. Building a close social and technical network with members of HacDC, utilizing their expertise and enthusiasm for creatively rethinking technology.
  8. Access to HacDC’s network infrastructure for hosting projects, project management and wireless Internet access.
  9. The chance to take part in a growing global movement among many other benefits!

How to become a member

  1. Check us out. Come hangout at HacDC events, swing by the space to meet other members and get a feel for the group. All of our activities are free and open to the public. Once you’ve decided you’d like to join
  2. Subscribe via Paypal (link below)
  3. Show us some identification (Valid Driver’s License or Identification card), if you want to receive a key for 24 hour access.
  4. Attend an Monthly Meeting, so your membership can be formalized.

No need to wait, join now and click the button!

  1. Sign up to pay your $50 monthly member dues:

DO NOT FORGET TO READ THE FINE PRINT: Membership dues are not considered tax-deductible because of the tangible benefit of being able to work in the space. Dues payments by those who do not become official members at a future date shall be considered tax-deductible donations. Payment of dues does not automatically confer membership or voting rights. Dues payments are recurring, it is the responsibility of the person initiating payment to cancel or reschedule any future recurring payments. Those who have a strong objection to using PayPal for payment of member dues or wish to apply for a dues waiver (granted only in extreme circumstances) must contact email hidden; JavaScript is required to arrange alternative methods of payment. We use PayPal because it is well known in the community, so we do not need to keep member checks, cash or bank or credit card account information lying around and becuase the Minister of Finance would rather work on projects than badger our members for their dues each month.

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