HacDC starts funding for USRP2 – Bringing RF / software radio research to DC!

Do you wish you had truly universal communication device? A device that is a cell phone and can connect using GPRS, 802.11 Wi-Fi, 802.16 WiMax, a satellite hookup or any emerging standard, as well as GPS, GLONASS or both?

The HacDC has started a fundraising campaign to acquire a Universal Software Radio Peripheral (USRPv2) from Ettus Research.

Some projects that the USRP can be used for:

  • RFID reader
  • RF Test Equipment
  • Cellular base station
  • GPS receiver
  • FM radio receiver
  • FM radio transmitter
  • Digital television decoder
  • Passive radar
  • An amateur radio

HacDC will use the USRPv2 to research Radio Frequency (RF) / Software Radio! / Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and open up classes and teach these subjects to the DC community. As always our classes and study groups our free and open to the public, so donate, join (www.hacdc.org) and help build a new RF / software radio group in DC!

DONATE HERE: https://pledgie.com/campaigns/4801

Below are the details of the USRPv2 from Ettus’ website:

The Universal Software Radio Peripheral product family allows you to create a software radio using any computer with a USB2 or Gigagbit ethernet port. Various plug-on daughterboards allow the USRP and USRP2 to be used on different radio frequency bands. Daughterboards are available from DC to 5.9 GHz at this time. The entire design of the USRP family is open source.

The USRP and USRP2 work with GNU Radio, a free-software (open source) framework for the creation of software defined radios. GNU Radio works on all of the following operating systems:

* Linux
* Windows
* Max OS X, PPC and Intel processors
* FreeBSD and NetBSD

Picture below available via carrierdetect under Creative Commons Share Alike Attribution license: