Microcontroller Mondays are Awesome

James and I stopped by last week to check out the what members were doing at Microcontroller Mondays! We talked to several people working on cool projects. Pictures below you can see someone knitting. You might wonder, as we did, what that has to do with microcontrollers. They are actually working on a piece of installation art where the piece of knit will be controlled by the microcontroller.

HacDC Welcomes Xin Che Jian

On Monday, October 3 we had the opportunity to welcome a couple of guests from Xin Che Jian, a hackerspace in Shanghai, China. Min (left) and Ricky (right) stopped by to see our space as part of their North American East Coast Hackerspaces Tour. (That’s me, Alli, in the middle.) I asked Min and Ricky about their projects. They are doing amazing things over there including urban farming, roboracing, and of course microcontrollers. Check out their projects here.

Microcontroller Monday: I2C

Monday night (Nov 10) I’ll be going over the I2C protocol and how to make it work for you.  I2C is used in all sorts of sensors these days, and understanding how to make the AVR’s speak it is useful stuff!

I’ll bring in some I2C external memory chips, a temperature sensor, and a 3-axis accelerometer.  There’ll also surely be steaming hot, AVR-to-AVR, master-slave action.  After a little bit of lecture and some code demo, we’ll see how many of them we can get working…

7pm.  The Space.