Robotcast Video Podcast on the HacDC RepRap Build-a-Thon

HacDC RepRap on Robotcast

Wow!  HacDC friend Carl Leonard has done it again!  His most recent (and always fantastic) “Robotcast” video podcast is all about the RepRap Build-a-Thon we had at the HacDC space last month.  Great video of a bunch of interesting and enthusiastic folks building robots, with a surprise appearance by Adrian Bower.  It is kind of a music video for hardcore hackers, and nicely shows off the space and people of HacDC.  Thanks and props to Carl for sharing it with us and the world!

Live Balloon Photography TODAY

When you want aerial imagery from below 1,000 feet, a tethered balloon is the obvious solution. Hang a few high-res cameras from it and see the area from a unique perspective!

Weather permitting, Curt Westergard of AirPhotosLive will be at the HacDC space around 3:00 pm today (Saturday, July 5th) to demonstrate his aerostat photography rig. Come learn how it works, visit the space, and hang out! We’ll have a fridge full of cold drinks.