March 2012 Byzantium Sprint Reminder

This month we will be closing out as many issues on github as we can and writing up documentation. If you can write/edit or use a liveusb come by and we’ll put you to work testing fixes and or witing editing docs 🙂

As usual we start at 8pm on Friday at HacDC and we return the next day at noonish to commence the hardcore geekery.

Pizza Friday night. Get there before 8pm if you want to have a say in toppings 😛

Byzantium Sprint Reminder

There are a couple temporary schedule changes coming up. The first is that we will have a sprint at the end of this week (Fri 6/1 & Sat 7/1). The second is that to accommodate those of us who are going to ShmooCon we will meet a week late (Fri 3/2 & Sat 4/2 instead of Fri 27/1 & Sat 28/1).
The impending sprint will focus on the captive portal software (the one hold up for the whole alpha release). If you know anything about iptables, captive portals, or have the ability to transmute lead into wifi adapters come by or logon and help out.