Prusa Mendel Rolls Along

Slowly but surely, the Prusa Mendel is forming. After a misguided attempt at using imperial washers where metric was called for, this past Monday we completed the static frame. Next, we’ll cut plates for the print platform and assemble the axes. As always, if you want to be involved, come hang out at Microcontroller Mondays, and for the behind-the-scenes scoop, head over to the wiki page.

Prusa Mendel is GO

This Monday we began the first stages of a project to build a Prusa Mendel. The Prusa Mendel is a species of RepRap, a DIY 3D printer that can print parts to make a copy of itself, in addition to any other plastic widget you can dream up. We’re still gathering materials, but if you drop by Microcontroller Mondays over the next couple months you should be able to see the build in action, and maybe help out! To follow along, stay tuned here, or for the messy reality, check out the wiki page.

Quantified Self @ HacDC Recap

The Quantified Self Show & Tell on Sunday was a great success! If you wish you had been there but weren’t, or were and want to relive the cherished memories, check out the [wiki page]( for the event. There will be more QS action to come…

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Meet the Quantified Self Presenters

HacDC will be hosting a Quantified Self Show & Tell this upcoming **[Sunday, May 22nd at 6pm](**. Show up early to hang out and chat, and at 7 see presentations of self-tracking projects:

**Xaq Rothman**: Tracking smoking with CigLog, a webapp I wrote.

**Bjorn Westergard**: Dietary logging with Cron-O-Meter, journaling with tiddlywiki, carrying a gps logger, DIY pulse-oximeter.

**Erica Kane**: Using a Bodybugg to monitor calorie burn, and to confirm or deny common beliefs about weight loss.

**Elephant Ninja**: Using the sticker method to track and improve pull-ups.

**Matthew Velderman**: A total fitness tracking system, including key metrics, the system itself, and outcomes so far.

**Blue of [](**: Every week I sit down with my guitar and make a new song for the internet. In my presentation, we’ll hear just how fast a musician can level up in a year.

Would you like to join this illustrious group of auto-hackers? Just fill out [this form]( to let us know about your presentation.

[Quantified Self DC Meetup event](

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