“All About Circuits” Seminar Continues February 24

All About Circuits is a comprehensive electronics industry website, featuring a free six-volume online textbook about electronic circuits. Volume Six is devoted to projects and experiments, tied closely to the material in the preceding volumes. HacDC members have begun a joint seminar project to work through these projects in HacDC’s workspace, one by one, in the order they appear in the textbook. Anyone interested in participating in these learn-by-doing exercises is welcome to join in.

In our first two sessions we learned how to use each function of a multimeter, and made simple circuits using a breadboard and a terminal strip. On February 24 will move on to “Ohm’s Law” and “Nonlinear Resistance.” Though not required, you will get more out of the session if you can read the relevant sections from Volume 1 (accessible through the links above) in advance.

The session will run from 7:00-8:30pm. If we don’t finish the experiments mentioned here, we will pick up where we left off the following week.

Parts and equipment to complete at least one copy of each experiment will be provided at the space. If you would like to bring your own multimeter or other equipment you are welcome to do so.