Nobody else posts news to the website

Ok so nobody else is updating the website here but Microcontroller Mondays Open House and 3D Thursdays Open House are both very active so come on by. Standby for news from Project Spaceblimp later this month. Our Annual Meeting and Election is coming up (date TBD) and plans for our Ten Year Anniversary party in late March are beginning now. Would you like to see 5-minute Lightning Talks? Do you have one to contribute? Let us know on Blabber, our public forum.

Our next regular meeting is Tuesday February 13th at 7:30pm (second Tuesday of every month). As usual we’ll have updates from Projects OTR, Spaceblimp, CRISPR, HAM Radio, etc.

3D Thursday, February 8th:

Another normal day

Another routine 3D Thursday filled with perfectly normal-acting, average-behaving people. There are no beer bottles around the minors, nobody’s hammering a screwdriver into a cell phone, burning random things with a laser, wearing an odd mask or flashing made-up gang signs to ruin the photo and everyone wore a shirt! Good job everyone.

Introduction to Bitcoin

Thanks to Richard Weston for a great introduction to Bitcoin, current state of affairs, tax issues, other cryptocurrencies and blockchain applications! Discussions went on informally ’till midnight. We had a packed room early on; sorry to the one dude who ended up standing in the doorway!

(appropriately enough we took no photos of the attendees)

Lockpicking Saturday

Join us and TOOOL-DC for a free lockpicking class Saturday September 9th, 1-3pm at HacDC. Locks and picks will be provided for hours of hands-on practice. Pick sets will be available for purchase for $25 or less.