New Sponsor!

HacDC got a big box of goodies, including Raspberry Pi 2s, SenseHATs, Arduinos, microcontrollers, breadboards, a soldering iron and more from Newark element 14 ( The before and after difference is clear: a business meeting of hackers disturbed from their ground state to their +1 excited state. Thanks Newark!



Kerbals to Blast Off at HacDC Tuesday

Tuesday is HacDC’s first Kerbal Space Program gathering. Come play KSP (demo is free, full game is now $40), the favorite computer game of NASA and SpaceX! Build a rocket, blast off and land on the Mun!

From Wikipedia: Kerbal Space Program is “a space flight simulator … [in which] players control an aerospace program, build and fly spacecraft or aircraft under physics simulation, and explore celestial bodies with characters called kerbals.”