Kerbals to Blast Off at HacDC Tuesday

Tuesday is HacDC’s first Kerbal Space Program gathering. Come play KSP (demo is free, full game is now $40), the favorite computer game of NASA and SpaceX! Build a rocket, blast off and land on the Mun!

From Wikipedia: Kerbal Space Program is “a space flight simulator … [in which] players control an aerospace program, build and fly spacecraft or aircraft under physics simulation, and explore celestial bodies with characters called kerbals.”


Al Taylor is speaking January 13th @ HacDC 7:30 PM

Al KN3U, presenter

Our speaker for the January 13  meeting is Al Taylor, KN3U. He is an electrical engineer who has been involved in emergency preparedness and disaster response at the local, state, and Federal level for over thirty years, initially as a volunteer communicator and later as a full-time employee of the US Public Health Service. He will be talking about opportunities for technically-minded individuals to use our skills to make a huge difference in the lives of others – and play with some cool stuff.