Join us @ Columbia Hgts Market-Saturdays 9 am-1 pm


HacDC is participating in the Columbia Heights Market–Saturdays from 9 am to 1 pm.  Pictured is Julia Longtin, HacDC Treasurer.  Please contact email hidden; JavaScript is required if you are interested in volunteering or becoming a member of HacDC.  Support HacDC

HacDC Donates Ham Radio Transceiver to Tom Rozzell, WB4ZTT

Tom Rozzell WB4ZTT and Don Jones K6ZO August 14 2015

Tom Rozzell, amateur radio operator, WB4ZTT is back “on the air” after a 20+ year absence from his favorite hobby-amateur radio, thanks to HacDC Amateur Radio Club, who has donated Tom a Kenwood dual band Handy Talkie and patio mounted antenna.  Tom can be found on the Marc Repeater on 146.955 mhz.  Tom enjoys “rag chewing” and photography among other things.  Pictured are Tom Rozzell, WB4ZTT (left) and Don Jones, K6ZO, President of HacDC Amateur Radio Club (right).

Kingman and Heritage Island Expedition

Join us Saturday, August 29 as HacDC Amateur Radio Club activates Kingman and Heritage Islands.  We will be using the call signs W3K (Kingman Island) and W3H (Heritage Island) for this special event during the US ISLAND QSO PARTY.  Kingman and Heritage Island Park is located in the Anacostia river, near Benning Road NE and Oklahoma Ave NE.  Visit Google Maps Heritage & Kingman Islands for their exact location.  Information about the US Islands, the USISLAND QSO PARTY and a calendar with planned operations can be found at  If you would like to join us, please contact us by email at email hidden; JavaScript is required or by telephone at (336) 73.W3HAC (or just show up). Hams may use the K3VOA Repeater (147.045 mhz +600 PL77) as a talk in frequency.  The object of this event is to promote the U.S. (USI) and Canadian (CIA) islands programs to amateur radio operators, friends and families worldwide.


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