Another busy open house

Monday and Thusday evenings are Open House at HacDC.
Monday is nominally focused on microcontrollers and work on coding our laser cutter while Thursdays are focused on 3D printer building, repair and upgrades. BYOB.

Laser Cutter Progress

A little soldering, coding, wiring and 3D printing and our laser cutter is getting close to operational… keep up the good work James, Tom, Bobby and Julia!







Stop by Microcontroller Mondays or 3D Thursdays to watch & help out.


Re-introducing ImplicitCAD

ImplicitCAD is a free open-source 2D and 3D design tool maintained by Julia, and now it’s available as a web-based service. It’s text-based and parametric. Head on over to to see a demo and design your own parts and objects, then download them as STL and 3D print them. For example, this is a child-like artistic impression of a bolt that would not work very well at all (feel free to click the link and improve it though):

union() {
cylinder(r=19, h=10, $fn=6, center=true);
cylinder(r=10, h=40);
rotate_extrude(4*360, translate=[0,38])
translate ([10,0]) square([8,4], center=true);

# Tips: Yes the connection is slow right now, it’ll be improved shortly. Click Render and wait a minute.