HacDC Membership

HacDC is actively seeking members who can support the existence of a space in our region devoted to our goals in education, creative projects, and community service. Becoming a member, while not required to take advantage of HacDC services, provides:

  • Around-the-clock key access to the HacDC Space
  • The ability to reserve the HacDC space and church auditorium for mission-related events and classes
  • Voting rights at official organizational meetings
  • Access to the HacDC members-only mailing list
  • Access to HacDC servers for projects
  • An email adress
  • An account on HacDC’s shell and VPS server

Most importantly, however, supporting HacDC as a member enables one to help build an innovative community technology space and to contribute to the growing international movement of hackerspaces.

How to become a member

Check us out first. Visit HacDC events and classes, and swing by the space to meet other members and get a feel for the group. All of our activities are free and open to the public.* Once you have decided you would like to join:

  1. Subscribe for dues ($60/month) via Paypal or Dwolla (links below).
  2. Attend a monthly member meeting on the second Tuesday of the month at approximately 7:15PM, so your membership can be formalized.

* Although events are free, sometimes materials costs for workshops are the responsibility of workshop participants. Further, because of space limitations, some events are capped at a maximum number of participants. Events are published on our calendar.

Please join us and support HacDC by choosing one of the options below.

Dwolla Option


We encourage members to pay dues via Dwolla because they charge lower fees than Paypal, plus we get $10 in waived fees if you sign up for Dwolla using our referral link. Once you’re signed up there (a similar process as signing up to PayPal as it takes a few days to verify your bank details), you can click on the orange Dwolla button, above, or go to our Dwolla hub and set up a recurring monthly payment of $60.

PayPal Option

Sign up for

You will be billed at the current membership dues rate of $60/month. The dues rate is subject to change by member vote as outlined in the Bylaws and Standing Rules; if that rate changes, you will be billed accordingly, up to a theoretical limit of $100/month.

Please contact email hidden; JavaScript is required if you have any questions related to paying dues. For technical issues with this page, please write email hidden; JavaScript is required.

THE FINE PRINT: Membership dues are not considered tax-deductible because of the tangible benefit of being able to access the space by key. Dues payments by those who do not attend a members meeting to become an official member shall be considered tax-deductible donations. Payment of dues does not automatically confer membership or voting rights. Dues payments are recurring; it is the responsibility of the person initiating payment to cancel or reschedule any future recurring payments. Those who wish to arrange alternative methods of dues payment, or wish to apply for a dues waiver (granted only in extreme circumstances), or have other questions should contact the Treasurer at email hidden; JavaScript is required.