Making Games with Stencyl

Local hobbyist Alex Critchfield will demonstrate how to get started using the free Stencyl game studio to make 2D indie games. He will show the process he uses to build his games from start to, well, as far as he can get in the time available. There will be opportunities for audience participation, as well as discussions of the strenghts and weaknesses of Stencyl, comparisons to Unity, and where to find help when you get stuck, as well as open Q&A.

Bring a laptop and follow along, or just come to watch and learn.

Stencyl is a free game development studio that allows you to develop on and for a wide variety of platforms, including mobile devices. It uses a code-free programming environment inspired by MIT Scratch. If you’ve never programmed before, or even if you’d had difficulty in the past, Stencyl’s environment makes it as easy as building with Lego blocks.

This class is appropriate for all ages and skill-levels, but targeted at beginners.

Due to limited space in the classroom, we can only fit about twelve people with laptops.

This event may be recorded and posted to YouTube. 

Note: Children are welcome at HacDC, but we encourage parental supervision.