Intro to the Ground Drone Project: ROBOTIC STAIR CLIMBING PLATFORM

Hey, I recently joined HACDC this week and would like to take a chance and introduce anyone who’s interested in my open source robotic project:

Excuse the brevity of the wiki, its just launched! I’m now looking for anyone who wants to build robots that will have urban mobility by climbing stairs. The tech is based on my patented articulation traction control technology (ARTI) (Patent: ).

You don’t need to be an engineer of any sort just have the curiosity and interest in learning a cutting edge robotic platform that many companies tried acquiring!

Meet-up Agenda:
1. Why Did I Make ARTI Platform?
2. What is the ARTI Platform?
3. The Ground Drone Project’s Goals
4. High Overview System Breakdown 

*Note* If you have a cool hardware invention that you think you could build a robot with upon the ARTI platform lets talk about getting a project started. If you have any questions about the meet-up and what it may entail just email me at [masked]

Hope to see you all there!