Amateur Radio / Orbiting Power Stations

HacDC and the HacDC Amateur Radio Club will host Dr. Paul Jaffe to present a proposal for Space Solar Power demo plant: A 1-km-wide solar panel array in orbit that will beam power (1 megawatt) to receiving stations on Earth as microwaves. Although the concept of orbiting power stations goes back to at least Isaac Asimov, advances in solar-to-microwave conversion efficiency have continued to tilt the balance towards feasibility. Space solar is a potential solution to power generation in remote environments, hostile warzones and disaster-recovery situations where traditional energy sources like fossil fuels are difficult to transport and store, or where the terrestrial generation infrastructure has been damaged. Dr. Jaffe’s proposal was named the winner out of 500 proposals submitted to the Department of Defense (DoD) Diplomacy, Development, and Defense (D3) Innovation Summit Pitch Challenge. Read more about the Space Solar concept and watch a short video of the proposal at

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