OLPC XO-1 With Soundmodem The Right Way

Same motivation as the last post I made, but this time I’ve done it on the official build of the XO-1’s Fedora respin.

Also i fleshed out a couple other howtos related to the stuff I’ve been doing with the XOs.

OLCP XO-1 and Soundmodem

There was some interest in running soundmodem on the OLPC XO-1s in our lending library and even though we aren’t using soundmodem for the byzantium project anymore I thought I would get it running anyways.
1.5 weeks later I have successfully gotten soundmodem to run on an XO.
Here is the wiki write up http://wiki.hacdc.org/index.php/OLPCSoundmodem
The process is more convoluted then I would like to get to that point so I’m going to make an image of the flashdrive I’m using that has everything setup already so everyone else just has to write it to their flashdrive/sdcard and don’t have to fiddle too much with it.
Right now I have to use external flash memory to get a new enough kernel since I haven’t been able to flash the newer nand images to the internal flash (confounding factors abound atm). I expect that if I can get the newest version of the nand image onto the XOs i can get soundmodem running easily.