We’re closed Monday & Tuesday (at least)

We're closed Monday and Tuesday (at least)Since we’re battening the hatches for Frankenstorm, we’ll be closed Monday (10/29/12) and Tuesday (10/30/12).

On Wednesday we will reassess and post (if possible!!) our availability for the rest of the week depending on the power situation. As usual, if you are a non-member and stop by unannounced, call 202-556-4225 (HACK) to see if anyone’s around to let you in.

Good luck to us all!

Enigma (and other cool cryptographic machines)

My family and I recently visted the Historical Electronics Museum (see http://www.hem-usa.org/ ) in Linthicum, Maryland.   Along with an amazing treasure trove of defense electronics is a case containing several very interesting cryptology artifacts from  the World War II era, including an Enigma machine.  Pam thought it was the coolest thing in the museum, and we all spent quite some time admiring it, along with some other contemporary artifacts.

Enigma Machine from the Historical Electronics Museum

Enigma Machine from the Historical Electronics Museum

I you haven’t had the opportunity to vist the HEM, it is certainly worth the trip- it is very near BWI Airport right outside of Baltimore.  It is free and open to the public, but be sure and check the hours carefully on the website, since they are a bit irregular.  If you have kids, there are lots of great hands-on exhibits that explain electronics science and techology, which both my 11-year old and 8-year old daughters really enjoyed.  Given that they wanted to go back again almost immediately, it is certainly a fun place for them.