HacDC Joins the Mt Pleasant Mesh Network

You can learn more about Project Byzantium and mesh betworking by attending the HARC (HacDC Amateur Radio Club) meeting Wednesday, June 13 at 7:30pm. More details here.

We are excited to announce that HacDC joined Mount Pleasant’s neighborhood mesh network! HacDC member Haxwithaxe put the finishing touches on the mast he designed and built for the router, and Preston Rhea and other OTI engineers upgraded our router to the latest copy of their Commotion firmware. Then we all went up to roof where we mounted the router and strung the Cat-5 to power it.

Photo via Preston Rhea.

Unfortunately, we are not in range of any of the other nodes (yet). We just don’t have a good line-of-sight to any of the other nodes in the network (yet). However there’s a good chance that one of the intermediate buildings will install a node which will serve to bridge us over to the rest of the Mt Pleasant network.

Thanks to the HacDC members, friends in the community, OTI engineers, and everyone else who helped make this happen!

CarolinaCon: Cool Antenna, Even Cooler Costumes

Recently, HacDC members The Doctor, Ben the Pyrate, and Haxwithaxe went to CarolinaCon in Raleigh, NC to present on Project Byzantium. The guys had a great time. “CarolinaCon is freaking awesome,” said Haxwithaxe, noting that Raleigh has a local computer chain store that sells 1m wide parabolic antennas for around $50.

In the below pictures you can see two different combinations of the Project Byzantium speakers holding their parabolic antenna.

(It should be noted that Ben the Pyrate and The Doctor won CarolinaCon’s non-existant costume contest.)

Curious about the parabolic antenna? That is a four foot wide parabolic reflector designed for use with 802.11 wi-fi.  The speakers picked it up to mess around with at the con, and
possibly apply to the Broadband Bridge mesh node project at HacDC.