HacDC move update!

Lots of members showed up throughout the day today and got the moving job done – the old space is pretty much empty. We even got the interwebs working. There’s no other way to say this than HACDC, YOU ROCK. It was a lot of fun hearing the exclamations when people saw the old space empty… and I really liked it when a new guy who wants to join showed up and jumped right in with helping out and cracking jokes. We have absolutely fantastic members who get the job done, and I am psyched about how awesome this next year is going to be. Everyone is looking forward to some aspect of the new space, and indeed there is a lot to look forward to.

From what I’ve been hearing, tomorrow’s planning party should be pretty well attended. Please come to pitch in ideas about how to get the space set up. See you tomorrow at 7pm!

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Lightning Strikes Twice @ HacDC

The second iteration of the HacDC Lightning Talks was a blast, featuring a bunch of top notch talks on subjects like space based lidar, local and Japanese cuisine, open source rapid prototyping, DSPs, websites as unix, DIY panoramic photos, light synths, Firefox extensions, XMPP, GPGPU brute forcing, web markup parsing, and x86 disassembly.

Many improvements were made over the first talks including more seating room, video recording, flatter cookies, and better talk transitions with Q&A. Afterward a dozen or so attendees had fun mingling at a local pub. Big thanks to the speakers and folks who helped set up and run the event. Next talks coming up in late January 2010 and we’re now accepting talk proposals, so start thinking.

For more info visit the wiki

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First HacDC Lightning Talks Shockingly Fun

We packed the house with smiling hackers at the first monthly HacDC Lightning Talks. The talks were awesome and so were the cookies. Thanks to everyone who participated and made this event such a success! Next month will be even better organized with more space, better arrangement, more advance scheduling, video recording, and publishing of slides and speaker content.

If you’re interested in giving a talk at the next Lightning Talks (November) please send me a proposal with a title and description. Slides are optional – and you get to talk about whatever interests YOU. Date and time TBA. See http://wiki.hacdc.org/index.php?title=LightningTalks for details.