Open Hack Night: Wednesday, Aug 25

Ash’s Electronics class wound down last Wednesday, but that’s no reason to stop soldering!

Elliot will be trying to make a bridged, push-pull amplifier out of a couple of LM386s. (There’ll be plenty for experimenting, if you feel like helping out or making one for yourself.)

Otherwise, come on by and just get yer hack on.

Electronica Fest: Saturday Sep 5, featuring a whole slew of Balimore/DC local artists and electronic-music instrument makers. (For instance, It’s going to be good.

And for HacDC’s part, we’re putting on a build-your-own-simple-synth workshop. If you made it to the space last Thursday, you have a good idea of how it goes (and probably saw a variable resistor made out of grape soda and a pencil!). If not, come help out anyway, and we’ll show you the ropes. It’s a very basic setup, but there’s tons of room for creativity.

For the workshop crowd: gates open at 10am in Lithincum MD, which means our caravan needs to leave HacDC at 8:30am. If you’re able to drive, we have a few folks who need rides, so please swing by the space.

It’ll be a fun day, a good opportunity for community outreach, and volunteers get in free. Can’t beat that with a stick! See you all bright and early tomorrow morning.

And as if electronica-fest weren’t enough, if you’ve still got any residual electro-music hankerings, the Sonic Circuits pre-season opens up at Pyramid Atlantic later Saturday night. for info. If you came to the Dave Vosh synth-toys demo/lecture at HacDC, you’ll note that he’s playing his real rig tomorrow night.

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Test-kit assembly for Electronica Fest Workshop

HacDC is running a build-a-simple-noisemaker-synth workshop at Electronica Fest (

Come help test-run the kits and/or work on embellishments. The kit is a fun and easy blank-slate for your electro-acoustic creativity. Let’s see where we can take it.

Thursday night, Aug 27, starting around 7:30 pm — going until we’re out of brain-juice (or whenever).