Byzantium Sprint 3 Reminder

Next Friday (April 29) is the first day of Byzantium Sprint 3. We will be meeting at 8pm to plan our tests, inventory our supplies, and get everyone up and running with Babel. On Saturday we will meet at noon, have a quick lecture on mesh networking, and then test like crazy until dinner time when we will all go out for dinner and return to have a quick lessons learned. On Sunday (May 1) we will meet at noon have a quick discussion to fill everyone in on what each other did on Saturday and continue with the tests until dinner time when we will go out for dinner and then return for a discussion to wrap up.
It is really super important that we get as many people as we can to come to this sprint for at least 2 of the test we want to do. If you come please bring as many machines with WiFi NICs as you can muster. 802.11b/g/n are all great. Also bring a USB drive or several if you can that you wouldn’t mind being wiped as if we have difficulty working with your preferred OS/distro we will make you a persistent liveUSB that you can use for testing purposes and we’ll figure out how to get things working on your favorite environment during down time.
The tests we need the high body/node count for are the tests that involve pushing the limits of the number of nodes that can sustainable coexist on a network given certain conditions.
Lastly WE HAS GUI 🙂 there is a developmental webui with a visualization of the network for Babel. (the developer’s demo page)
This will be projected on the screen in the main room and I’m going to try to get it so people who can’t come but want to follow what’s going on can see it on the internet.

Byzantium Sprint 3

The Project Byzantium Sprint 3 Topic has been chosen! We will revisit Sprint 1 in order to gather metrics and “stress test” the mesh protocol(s) at the end of this month (29th-1st).
Hit up the wiki page and/or the mailing list (byzantium[at] and add info and share your thoughts.

OLPC XO-1 With Soundmodem The Right Way

Same motivation as the last post I made, but this time I’ve done it on the official build of the XO-1’s Fedora respin.

Also i fleshed out a couple other howtos related to the stuff I’ve been doing with the XOs.

OLCP XO-1 and Soundmodem

There was some interest in running soundmodem on the OLPC XO-1s in our lending library and even though we aren’t using soundmodem for the byzantium project anymore I thought I would get it running anyways.
1.5 weeks later I have successfully gotten soundmodem to run on an XO.
Here is the wiki write up
The process is more convoluted then I would like to get to that point so I’m going to make an image of the flashdrive I’m using that has everything setup already so everyone else just has to write it to their flashdrive/sdcard and don’t have to fiddle too much with it.
Right now I have to use external flash memory to get a new enough kernel since I haven’t been able to flash the newer nand images to the internal flash (confounding factors abound atm). I expect that if I can get the newest version of the nand image onto the XOs i can get soundmodem running easily.