Linux Admin Group #1: default config HTTP and FTP servers

We had our first Linux Admin meeting last weekend at 2pm and so far so good! We’re following the guidelines set out in Michael Jang’s awesome study guide:

The objectives we worked on were:

  • Configure a system to run a default configuration HTTP server.
  • Configure a system to run a default configuration FTP server.

Jang’s book uses one of these to serve an install tree and packages so that we can later use it for configuring yum and doing other tasks. For right now we simply want to get the service up and running.

If you’d like to catch up here’s a link to the redhat docs on how to install httpd.
Installing and turning on an ftp server is almost identical.

Next week we’re going to work on setting up some virtual machines so we can play around without endangering our base system. To see what we’ll be getting in to, take a look here at sections 15 and 16 on virsh and the virt-manager.

Confused? Out of your element Donnie? Come to the group meeting Saturday at 2pm and all will be made clear!