Inside HacDC Web/Twitter Portal Update

What’s new:

Inside HacDC has been updated such that if @insidehacdc is following you and you direct message @insidehacdc then your message will appear on the web portal.

In case you don’t already know, “Inside HacDC” is a location-based (of sorts) web application portal to Twitter that answers the question: “What are you doing at the HacDC space right now?”

The web portal, located at , is accessible from anyone that is connected to the HacDC space LAN. Therefore anyone with a laptop, connected to the HacDC LAN, can post to this Twitter account without using their Twitter client. What you post, will appear on

We created the web portal you can follow and get status tweets from people at HacDC space. Also if you’re at the HacDC space you can tell people know how long you will be at the space and/or what exactly you plan to be working on. The idea is to attract people to drop by the space and increase our space usage.

Next time you are at the HacDC space and you’re connected to our HacDC LAN, please access and post what you are working on or what ever is on your mind.

Be sure to tell your friends to follow @insidehacdc so they can follow what is going on at the HacDC space.

If you are interested in extending the functionality or capabilities of this Twitter gateway, please join the Software Projects forums on our Projects Server located at and feel free to post to this software project forum “Project InsideHacDC”

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