Hackerspaces and NASA

Rolando Quintanilla on how hackerspaces can help NASA:

In order for space exploration to prosper and become cost-effective robotic technology will need to be created and adapted to develop infrastructure that is necessary for human space exploration and industrial exploration. Concepts like those behind the RepRap, will be required to be further developed so that it is possible to automatically manufacture goods as needed in space. The RepRap technology in part has driven the conception of a previous future technology I proposed in “Future Tech: Spider-bots dial Home”. I imagine developing Spider-bots that can manufacture themselves, manufacture other things and can also be used for surveillance and exploration. Now if the technology required to do space exploration is developed in open-source/Creative Commons type methodologies, then groups of people will be able to work together in Hackerspaces, Universities and Industry to propel innovations forward that are created at NASA making space exploration cheaper.

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