Clojure Study Group Meeting January 3rd at 1pm

ClojureWhen: Saturday, January 3, 2009 @ 1:00 PM
Where: HacDC (St. Stephen & The Incarnation Church) Auditorium
Cost: FREE

The recently-organized DC Clojure Study Group will be holding its second meeting at HacDC. With fifteen members attending the last meeting, the group is an energetic community of software developers, math and science professionals, and general programming enthusiasts with varying levels of experience. Everyone is warmly invited to join. Homework and general agenda for the meeting is posted on the group’s wiki.

You are also encouraged to join the group’s mailing list to take part in conversations and follow the group’s blog for news and updates.

Stuart Halloway has described Clojure; this way: “Clojure feels like a general-purpose language beamed back from the near future.” Clojure is a Lisp built on top of the Java Virtual Machine. It is built to support concurrent programming, with a sophisticated transactional model behind agent and reference abstractions. It is a functional language, but it is also designed to make Java interoperation easy. In other words, it’s a best-of-both-worlds tool. With the upcoming publication of Programming Clojure by the Pragmatic Programmers and a lot of industry buzz, Clojure is quickly progressing from an intriguing curiosity to the Next Big Thing.

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