We are more than our credit scores

The truth is, we are more than our credit scores.  Who gave 3 companies the right to use secret calculations to

determine if we qualify for credit, for a job, or even renting a house.  We did.  Credit scores are used everywhere as a standard measure of character.  But the truth is, humanity can’t be summed up by looking at open lines of credit and how close you are to your credit limit.  Did using your credit card to replace your fridge for your family devalue you as a human?  Experian would beg to differ…

We are changing this!  We can redefine character, using real values.  We are humans, not machines, and we have a say!

This code project is an open-source social experiment.  I am leading the development of a new system, one where the scoring algorithms are developed by the people.  It’s a system where we each hold another accountable for our actions and value what really matters to each of us.

It culminates to Judgmatics.

The kickoff for this project has been postponed, but stay tuned for the new date!

Richard E. Bewley, Jr.
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