HacDC: Python Sprint Project

Project PSP: (Sony please don’t sue me, or place another DRM trojan in my stuffs)

Alright, so hopefully we will be posting soon about the success of our parts party we had on Sunday, I met so many very cool people and we’ve received the warmest welcoming I could have ever hoped for, for that I am appreciative.

Now to the fun:

So during the party I spoke to a few people about Python (the latest in my language love) and someone informed me about the idea of having Python sprints, which essentially from what I understand (feel free to send hate mail if I get this wrong or offend any hard core sprinters) is to get a bunch of awesomely nerdy Python coders into a room and have a specific task or goal you want to accomplish for that night and get it done. I’m throwing this out there to see what kind of response I get but I’m hoping to start a weekly, monthly, whateverly meeting at HacDC to do the same. From what I know there is already a group holding these meetings, I’m hoping that we could provide a static location for these guys to hold their event if they are in need, or start our own. I am open to ideas, thoughts, etc.

Note: Recently I’ve been face-deep into the Pygame library put out for game development using Python. One of the projects I want to do is using my MacBook, PySight and Pygame create an interactive game that we could project onto a surface and control using my awesomely, totally legal laser pointer.

The idea is a combination of this:


and of course any laser stuff done by:


For now shoot your thoughts to email hidden; JavaScript is required – I will get the members list up-and-running and a wiki going and we could take our discussions there so everyone is involved.